If you’re a first-time home buyer, investor, relocating or retiring—and ready to buy a condo in downtown Chicago—then these 7 market insights will help you avoid costly pricing mistakes.  Follow this info-graphic along as it lands you safely on your feet among the street-level metrics.

Buy a condo in downtown chicago

When your gut has comfortably ingested the market data, your next task is to drill deeper into the proper pricing method—and rule in your favorite properties.  Thoughtfully consider how to compare the safest loan (if using debt) too.  This is done by using a leverage calculator (not a mortgage calculator).

Debt is a drug.  When used properly, the drug can heal or healthily amplify your results.  When used improperly, the mainstream way, mortgage debt will morph into a lethal ship anchor.

If you’re uneasy about verifying all the ins-and-outs (Title, condo associations and the closing process) associated with the legal transfer of property—fear not—you can get concierge service and buy a condo in downtown Chicago by hiring a market specialist like HK Luxury Realty.