Buy Downtown Chicago Real Estate In 10 Moves

Properly buy downtown Chicago real estate like a grandmaster chess champion.  If you brace yourself with these moves, then you’ll checkmate your opponent every time.

Move 1: Notice of No Agency

What is it? — When you bump into a real estate broker at a coffee shop and start talking real estate.

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4 Noble Reasons Why You Must Consider Chicago Real Estate in Your Wealth Plan

If the worst case scenario were to occur, what would you rather own? A quality asset in a rock-solid and easily accessible location? Or a sketchy asset that could even go to zero. If preserving and growing your wealth—your family’s hard earned money—is important to you, undoubtedly you’ll want to learn why Chicago real estate offers some of the best wealth protection on the planet.

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Pick The Right Mortgage Drug

Pick The Right Drug When Getting A Mortgage

What your pal at the bank and your broker don’t tell you.  The reason why your advisers won’t inform you on this calculation is because they’re not trained to think like a successful fund manager.  And, therefore, they don’t know it themselves.

This is single-handed the most important lesson you’ll ever need to know when borrowing money from a bank to buy property. 

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