Absorption Rate Chicago Luxury Apartments Bobby Pen & The Pen Get Smarter Faster

Insider Tip To Buy Chicago Luxury Apartments Smarter

Absorption rate is one key data piece that gives you leverage in a real estate negotiation. The trick is to track the ‘absorption rate’ on a monthly basis, each and every month. So that you have a complete story… a trend. And not just a snapshot. If you were to do this, then you’d have a feel on if it’s a ‘buyers market’ or ‘sellers market.’ In a nutshell, this information can be crucial in justifying your position in a negotiation.

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Private Investments Wealth Accredited Investors

The Truth About Private Investments For Wealthy People

USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal created the Securities and Exchange commission as part of the 1933 Act. It was designed to prevent business people from raising capital from the general public. Under the guise of consumer protection, the regulation made it illegal for entrepreneurs to advertise the offering of new shares in a company. Except to wealthy insiders—called accredited investors. The regulation relied upon a four-part test called ‘Howey’ to define which offers are considered securities.

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Precision Medicine Best Cancer Treatment

How Precise Is Precision Medicine In The Fight Against Cancer?

Step one for a cancer patient is to attempt and get a molecular profile of the tumor. A map, to know the tumor. Whenever possible, this would include both genomics and proteomics testing. Also, screen and treat for sleep apnea or upper airway resistance to assure the body’s immune system stays strong. Make an airway dental device early on.

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HK Peak Performance Breakfast Sleep Light Cortisol Bobby Pen & The Pen Pals Get Smarter Faster

Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of Day

Insulin carries glucose to cells. After you eat food, the pancreas will send insulin into the blood to grab glucose and escort the glucose into cells. If you don’t eat food, then there’s no insulin kick. And when you don’t eat for long periods, blood sugar can get too low. This is when the cortisol (adrenalin!) hormone steps in—to balance blood sugar.

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Confusing Residential Real Estate Rule Is Now Law

It officially went into effect October 3, 2015. The Dodd-Frank mandated (CFPB directed) residential real estate closing regulation (known as the “TRID Rule”). If you’re participating in a residential real estate transaction in America, then these closing rules shall apply.

It’s worth repeating.  These rules (timelines!) apply to any home purchase:

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Mortgage Loans Calculator Facts

The Four Hidden Ingredients In Your Mortgage Loans Drug

If you’re using bank financing to buy any property, then you’re using a type of drug. As you know, some drugs can be therapeutic. While other drugs can kill you. It doesn’t matter what type of property you buy.  Whether you’re buying a single family home, apartment or commercial property, these principles are as relevant as the laws of gravity.

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