What your pal at the bank and your broker don’t tell you.  The reason why your advisers won’t inform you on this calculation is because they’re not trained to think like a successful fund manager.  And, therefore, they don’t know it themselves.

This is single-handed the most important lesson you’ll ever need to know when borrowing money from a bank to buy property.  Watch it now…

If you pick the right drug (like penicillin), it could cure you of an infection.  If you pick the wrong drug (like heroin), it might kill you.  Simply stated—debt is like a drug.

And you can use it like a bodybuilder uses steroids—to enhance an outcome or result.

Most people overdose when taking on debt because they ignore this elite wealth tip.  Thereby, living like the hamster on a wheel; a self-committed perpetual slave to the banks.

If you’re still in denial, then take a peek at this image below (courtesy of Lesson Two) from our real estate book: How to Navigate Modern Day Real Estate in 7 Simple Steps.

HK Creative Investments Mortgage Rent Ratio