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Confusing Residential Real Estate Rule Is Now Law

It officially went into effect October 3, 2015.  The Dodd-Frank mandated (CFPB directed) residential real estate closing regulation (known as the “TRID Rule”). If you’re participating in a residential real estate transaction in America, then these closing rules shall apply. It’s worth repeating.  These rules (timelines!) apply to any home purchase: where the buyer is […]

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The Four Hidden Ingredients In Your Mortgage Loans Drug

If you’re using bank financing to buy any property, then you’re using a type of drug.  As you know, some drugs—in the right amount—can be therapeutic. While other drugs can kill you. It doesn’t matter what type of property you buy—whether a single family home, apartment or commercial property—these guiding financial principles are as relevant […]

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Why Reading Luxury Home Mortgage Reviews Can Be Lethal

Comparing luxury home mortgage reviews—or any property loan review for that matter—is pointless.  Why?  Answer: because all mortgage loan reviews blindly ignore these four naturally occurring loan elements.  Click on the infographic to enlarge it… If you wish to procure (analyze!) your mortgage loan as deftly as an expert investigator assembles irrefutable forensic crime scene […]

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How to value real estate investment property

How To Value Real Estate Investment And Property Correctly

If you’re buying any property—whether as a personal residence or investment—then you must know how to value real estate investment and property accurately. In a nutshell, there are three ways.  And a little-known fourth way that shall help you detect residential real estate market bubbles.  This killer infographic summarizes everything you’ll ever need to know […]

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