Buy Downtown Chicago Real Estate In 10 Moves

Properly buy downtown Chicago real estate like a grandmaster chess champion.  If you brace yourself with these moves, then you’ll checkmate your opponent every time.

Move 1: Notice of No Agency

What is it? — When you bump into a real estate broker at a coffee shop and start talking real estate.

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Luxury Chicago Real Estate Wealth Bobby Pen & The Pen Get Smarter Faster HK®

4 Noble Reasons To Consider Chicago Real Estate in Your Wealth Plan

Chicago is considered a high momentum cyclical market. Similar to other HNWI (high net-worth individual) markets in America like San Francisco. Which means it’s real estate market trend mimics the peaks and valleys of a roller coaster ride. Beyond lifestyle and fun, Chicago offers convenient travel to anywhere in the world. And when it comes to intellectual capital in the form of the tall building, Chicago minds are at the top of the pyramid.

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Pick The Right Mortgage Drug

Pick The Right Drug When Getting A Mortgage

What your pal at the bank and your broker don’t tell you.  The reason why your advisers won’t inform you on this calculation is because they’re not trained to think like a successful fund manager.  And, therefore, they don’t know it themselves.

This is single-handed the most important lesson you’ll ever need to know when borrowing money from a bank to buy property. 

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Wait-For-The-Right-Pitch Warren Buffet

Timing Matters When Hitting Home Runs…As Does The Stadium

Legendary investor Warren Buffet claims he shares a valuable philosophy with baseball great Ted Williams. Ted Williams once wrote that the most important thing for a hitter is to wait for the right pitch. Warren Buffet admitted he approaches investing with the exact same credo:

“…wait for the right pitch, yeah and wait for the right deal. And it will come. It’s the key to investing.” – Warren Buffet

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Kansas City Real Estate Royal Flush

Is Kansas City Real Estate A Royal Flush?

This information is coming off the heels of a recent presentation I made at the American Association of Private Lenders conference at the Kansas City Convention Center.  Many of the attendees were from Kansas City, Missouri.  And appreciated the insights revealed in the real estate market technical analysis data (Lesson 1 of 7) from my book.  Candidly, Kansas City isn’t a market that I would typically run an analysis on.

However, because a few of the locals were interested to learn more about Kansas City’s current wealth phase – from a technical analysis perspective – I decided to offer them a follow-up commentary here.  Considering the kind hospitality they extended.

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Sniff Out Buying Downtown Chicago Condos

Three Traits Distinguish Luxury Chicago Condos

What a crime these days.  How some of these buildings have the audacity to include the word “luxury” in their advertising.  Whether in Shanghai, Chicago or New York, all I do is stare at architecture—even when I drive.

My wife preferred it back when I would drive twice the speed limit—yet, would actually keep my eyes on the road.  These days, I drive half the speed limit; while staring at the construction and design of high quality buildings in premier locations.

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